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Faulty breathing and musculoskeletal pain -Role of physiotherapy

Breathing with normal respiratory mechanics has a potent role in the musculoskeletal system. Respiratory mechanics play a key role in both posture and spinal stabilization. Faulty breathing of upper chest in chronic neck pains are related to lifting upward of chest and collar bone(clavicle).It can be due to the mechanical, physiological or psychological dysfunction. Resistance to inspiration lead to use of accessory muscles of respiration. Most of them do chest breathing which can lead repetitive stress in trapezius, scalene ,sternocleidomastoid muscle(Neck muscles) etc and this pattern lead muscle imbalance results forward head posture, aches and pains from surrounding structures. Physiotherapy play an important role in re-educating to correct breathing pattern and treat the posture and pain. Conditions like chronic trapezitis,cervicogenic head ache etc gets very good relief by doing proper physiotherapy with various techneues like myofascial release,kinesiology taping,electrotherapy modalities,corrective exercises etc.


  • Very experienced renowned senior physiotherapist in kochi who specialised in Musculoskeletal and sports physiotherapy,more than 13 years of experience in his field.Provides comprehensive care to patients especially for musculoskeletal pain management and rehabilitation .He is trained in Osteopthy and chiropractic approaches for spinal pain and postural correction, also doing various advanced hands on techniques and skills to ensure optimal early recovery of each patients.Currently he is CEO of a physiotherapy and wellness clinic WELLMAX PHYSIO,HOD at Silverline hospital kochi &Laxmi hospital fortkochi.

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