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Feeling Numb in Your Hands and Feet? When to See a Nerve Specialist (Neurosurgeon/Neurologist) in Kochi

Ever experienced a weird tingly feeling in your hands or feet? It happens to most of us from time to time, and usually, it’s no big deal. But when that numbness sticks around or keeps coming back frequently, it might be a sign that there’s a problem with your nerves. In this article, we’ll talk about when it makes sense to chat with a nerve specialist in Kochi about your numb hands and feet. Plus, we’ll share some easy tips to keep your nerves in good shape.

Why do I have Numb Hands and Feet?

Numbness is like that pins-and-needles sensation or when your hand “falls asleep.” It can be due to different reasons:

1. Nerves Getting Compressed: Sometimes, pressure on the nerves in your spine, neck, or limbs can make your hands or feet feel numb. Conditions like a slipped disc, spinal issues, or carpal tunnel syndrome can squeeze those nerves.

2. Bad News for Peripheral Nerves: Diseases like diabetes or certain infections can affect the nerves in your hands and feet, leading to numbness.

3. Lacking Vitamins/Bad diet: Not getting enough of important vitamins, especially B12, can also make your nerves act up and cause numbness.

4. Blood Flow Trouble: When blood can’t flow right to your hands or feet, often due to something like a clogged artery, you might feel numbness.

When to Talk to a Nerve Specialist in Kochi

If your numbness doesn’t go away, keeps coming back, or comes with other weird symptoms like weakness, trouble walking, or serious pain, it’s time to talk to a nerve specialist in Kochi. If your numbness slowly gets worse over time or if you can’t control your bathroom urges anymore, that’s a big red flag – get help right away!
Many issues can be solved by medications alone, but some may need surgery. The decision of which kind of treatment is needed depends on a lot of factors including severity of symptoms and results of the tests that are done to identify the cause. The following may be some of the tests that may be ordered by your nerve specialist.

– Blood tests
– xrays
– Nerve conduction tests
– CT scan
– MRI scan

Keeping Your Nerves in Good Shape

Instead of waiting for numbness to creep in, there are things you can do to keep your nerves happy:

– Stay Healthy: Eating right with plenty of vitamins and getting some exercise can help your nerves stay in top shape.

– Watch Your Posture: When you’re working at a desk, sit up straight! And make sure your workspace is comfy and doesn’t mess with your nerves.

– Control Health Issues: If you have things like diabetes or high blood pressure, take care of them with your doctor’s help.

– Avoid Overuse: If your job involves a lot of hand motions, take breaks to give your hands a rest and avoid overuse injuries that can lead to numbness.

– Check-ups Matter: Make sure to see a nerve specialist regularly to catch any nerve issues early and keep your nervous system healthy.

In conclusion if you’re dealing with persistent numbness in your hands or feet, it’s worth talking to a nerve specialist in Kochi. And even if you’re not, taking good care of your nerves by eating right, moving around, and seeing your doctor regularly.

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