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Sarah Joseph
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I'm passionate about food and how it can act as a medicine for your body for different conditions. I take pleasure in writing about nutrition and sharing the knowledge I have acquired. I'm always looking for ways to be informed about the most recent research on food and how it might enhance people's quality of life, both for myself and those around me.
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Bachelors in Biotechnology - Manipal School of Life Sciences,MAHE,Manipal Masters in Dietetics and Applied Nutrition - WGSHA,MAHE,Manipal
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International Hospitality And Healthcare Services Makerketting - Yonsei University [Coursera] Public Health Perspective on Sustainable Diet-John Hopkins University[Coursera] The New Nordic Diet from Gastronomy To Health-Nordic Institute of Asian Studies,University of Copenhagen [Coursera] Diabetes- Essential Facts- Department of Human Nutrition,University of Copenhagen[Coursera] Understanding Obesity- University of Edinburgh[Coursera] Nutrition and Lifestyle in Pregnancy- Ludwig-Maximilians-Unversitat Munchen [Coursera] COVID-19 Contact Tracing-John Hopkins University[Coursera] Introduction to the Biology of Cancer-John Hopkins University [Coursera]
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Dietetics Intern at Amrita Hospital (1 month) and VPS Lakeshore Hospital (6 months) at the Clinical Nutrition Department. Freelanced in formulating diet plans for clients according to their specific requirements
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Diet counseling , Personalized Diet plans, Weight management,Lifestyle Coaching
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Diet consultation, Body composition assessment
11 months ago

Pre operative care: Malnutrition screening and assessment Decreased fasting time to prevent catabolism (solids 6 hours and liquids 2 hours prior to surgery)- carbohydrate loading Post operative care: Maintain glucose control and euglycemia Promote bowel motility, oral or enteral feeds as tolerated. Nutrition plays a key role.┬áThe better the nutritional status before surgery, the better … Read more

11 months ago

In the peri-operative period, the primary nutrition goals are to evaluate the patient for pre-existing malnutrition, treat malnutrition to optimize surgical readiness, minimize starvation, prevent postoperative malnutrition, and support anabolism for recovery As the role of the anaesthesiologist expands to include perioperative nutrition optimization, dieticians are integral to the perioperative care team. For malnourished patients … Read more

11 months ago

Diabetes mellitus refers to a group of diseases that affect how the body uses blood sugar (glucose). Glucose is an important source of energy for the cells that make up the muscles and tissues. It’s also the brain’s main source of fuel. Lets look at some common questions on diabetes. How important is diet in … Read more

11 months ago

Food poisoning, a type of foodborne illness, is a sickness people get from something they ate or drank. The causes are germs or other harmful things in the food or beverage. How does food poisoning affect people?The common symptoms are nausea, vomiting and diarrhoea/ gastric discomfort. If not taken care properly, it can lead to … Read more