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Dr. Bridget Grace
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Dr. Bridget
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Started career in 2021 as Assistant Professor in Goverment Dental College, Aurangabad after completion of Masters in Pediatric and Preventive Dentistry from Nair Hospital Dental College, Mumbai. Currently working as Consultant Pediatric Dentist at VPS Lakeshore Hospital, Ernakulam. Lifemember of Indian Society of Dental Traumatology (ISDT).
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MDS - Pediatric and Preventive Dentistry
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Life Member in Indian Society of Dental Traumatology
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Consultant Pedodontist, VPS Lakeshore Hospital
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Pediatric Dentistry
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11 months ago

AIRWAY AND DENTITION – AN INTER RELATION • A correlation exist between airway and dentition • Obstruction in airway can cause skeletal and dental discrepancies leading to several systemic conditions like ADHD, Obstructive sleep apnea etc • Close collaboration between different specialists, pediatrician, allergist, ENT specialist, orthodontist, speech therapist etc is necessary for the early … Read more