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Dr. Shawn Joseph
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Dr. Shawn
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Dr Shawn is the Director of Institute of Head and Neck Sciences and Senior Consultant in Surgical Oncology at VPS Lakeshore hospital, Kochi. He did his MBBS from Govt Medical College, Kozhikode and MS in ENT from BJMC, Ahmedabad. He went on to do senior residency in Head and Neck Surgical Oncology and Skull base surgery at TMH, Mumbai and then MCh in Head and Neck Surgery. His areas of interest are reconstructive surgeries of head and neck and endoscopic surgeries of skull base and larynx. He has multiple publications in peer reviewed international journals which include innovative surgical techniques.
Educational Background
MBBS, MS (ENT), DNB (ENT), MCh (Head & Neck Surgery)
Certificates/ Licenses
First rank with GOLD MEDAL in Master of Surgery (Otorhinolaryngology) from Gujarat University in 2007. International Travel Grant from the Department of Science and Technology, May 2012. Won award at the AOI, Gujarat State Branch Conference,2006 for the study "ENDOSCOPIC REPAIR OF CEREBROSPINAL FLUID RHINORRHOEA: A STUDY"
Professional Affiliation
Senior Consultant - Surgical Oncology, Head & Neck and Director of Institute of Head & Neck Sciences (IHNS)
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VPS Lakeshore Hospital
Areas of Expertise
Head & Neck Surgery
11 months ago

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