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“The perfume of a rose, the tang of an ocean breeze, the aroma of a sizzling steak—tastes and smells, two of our senses by which we characterize the world around us. And yet, we can not adequately express, define, or explain our taste and smell sensations. We can record the sounds we hear, we can … Read more


Probiotics are live microorganisms that can be found in fermented foods and cultured milk, and are widely used for the preparation of infant food. They are well-known as “health friendly bacteria”, which exhibit various health beneficial properties such as prevention of bowel diseases, improving the immune system, improving lactose intolerance and intestinal microbial balance, exhibiting … Read more

Enhanced recovery after surgery

Pre operative care: Malnutrition screening and assessment Decreased fasting time to prevent catabolism (solids 6 hours and liquids 2 hours prior to surgery)- carbohydrate loading Post operative care: Maintain glucose control and euglycemia Promote bowel motility, oral or enteral feeds as tolerated. Nutrition plays a key role. The better the nutritional status before surgery, the better … Read more

Nutrition pre and post-surgery

In the peri-operative period, the primary nutrition goals are to evaluate the patient for pre-existing malnutrition, treat malnutrition to optimize surgical readiness, minimize starvation, prevent postoperative malnutrition, and support anabolism for recovery As the role of the anaesthesiologist expands to include perioperative nutrition optimization, dieticians are integral to the perioperative care team. For malnourished patients … Read more

Career Option in Anesthesiology: A Window to Medical Greatness

Do you want to make a difference in people’s lives by using your education in the healthcare field? Think about the exciting specialty of anesthesiology! If you are interested in pain management, patient safety, and technological advancement in medicine, anesthesiology may be the field for you. For those considering a career in medicine, this article … Read more


Certainly! Spinal anaesthesia, also called a spinal block, is a type of regional anaesthesia that numbs a certain part of the body for surgery or pain relief. Let’s break it down so you can understand it: What’s spinal anaesthesia? For spinal anaesthesia, a local anaesthetic is injected into the lower back, especially into the space … Read more

General anesthesia

General anaesthesia is a method of inducing unconsciousness and numbness to pain to facilitate medical or surgical procedures. To reach a profound state of sedation and pain reduction, medicine must be provided by a qualified anaesthesia practitioner, such as an anesthesiologist.From simple outpatient treatments to major, time-consuming surgeries, general anaesthesia is often employed. Patients are kept … Read more


Anesthesiologists play a significant role in securing different intravenous (IV) access for oncology patients. IV access is crucial for the administration of chemotherapy drugs, fluids, and other medications. Here’s an explanation of the various options available for IV access and how new options contribute to patient comfort: Peripheral Intravenous Catheter (PIVC): This is the most … Read more


Is it true that anaesthesia causes memory loss?Anaesthesia is administered before surgery to ensure that the patient does not feel any pain throughout the procedure. Temporary memory loss may occur due to anaesthesia since the brain is in a condition where no new memories are formed. Long-term memory is not often affected, and the memory … Read more


It will be a wish of everybody to have an attractive body figure and lead a healthy life. There was a time when majority will be running around to find ways to increase body weight but today great majority are depending on various methods for reducing body weight. It is very happy to know that … Read more